Company Profile

About Majestic Legacy

Majestic Legacy Home Development Corporation specialize in High rise residential property and Resort developments around Cebu region of the Philippines. Their flagship projects are LOT Condominium and Azon Residences near Mactan International Airport, Cebu City.

Kimwa Construction has been in the Business since 1976. With time, patience, Quality products and customer service, KIMWA became a big name in the construction Industry.

As the company lives on, the younger generation took place.  A more aggressive and advanced team was born. Business expansion was the primary objective.

They ventured first into Cargo Shipping under the name of Jomalia Shipping, which is until now, doing very well.

After these Business Developments, they have decided to enter the REAL ESTATE Industry, thus, MAJESTIC LEGACY HOME DEVELOPMENT CORP was born and was registered in December 2008. The company was non-operational since then, waiting for the right time and right project.

The Company Vision

To be regarded as a company that executes the principles of trust, respect and integrity. A company that is instrumental in empowering its people and its consumers to achieve their dreams.

The Company Mission

To endlessly express creativity and find unique solutions for the Industry. To continually fashion distinctive customer service program and to build successful relationships that lasts long.