Majestic High

This Division will focus on Vertical Developments inside Cebu City. High Rise Condominiums will be the specialty, executing endless effort to build a “HOME” in the City producing an incomparable Urban Living.

Green Buildings

We will hype on producing the only Green High Rise Residential Buildings that are truly Friendly with the environment.

The Building will be strict on using procedures and following the Environmental Restrictions there is. Solar equipment
systems and other systems will be used to pursue this objective.

 A Mission that we will continue to be embodied to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Technologically Advanced Buildings

Majestic Legacy Development Corp will introduce and produce a product that showcases other
talents from other Countries.

All projects are made in different ways adopting to the different Building Systems around Asia.

As it's first project, LOT8, all under the creation of a Singaporean Team.

Pricing Power

Reasonable and Responsible Pricing

Its in Majestic Legacy that quality meets affordability.

Project Characteristics:
In the center of the City with Residential Ambience, Accessible, Fitted Units, Building Quality, System Advancement, Created by an International Team and Business headed by experts. All in a very competitive price of 15% lower than competitors.